I still like to hear what angel has to say, but Belly is safe. The previous picture in that file was an obvious translation, so this could be a raw that Leviathan uploaded. By the way, it's not like George Black because here we can(not) see the first two letters, but we can clearly see "...lly", so that's exclude without doubts Beli, Belli, Berry, Beri. Beli telah ada unit pecahan. Beli (), sometimes called Belly, Berry or Bery is the main currency used in One Piece. If "Currency" should be used at all, it might be a redirect, but not as the title of the page. Mostly, I've noted its a common difficulty for folks to grasp how 'wealthy' is 'wealthy' in the OP worlds context and a lot seem to think that a 100,000,000+ bounty isn't that high. People are seeing something that is not there when all there is is a smudge. I'd also add that paint cans are predominantly for painting structures, not pictures on a canvas. Berry (ベリー, , berry?) uknownada Talk 20:02, February 19, 2013 (UTC), No you "see" it because you saw the LLY. If I have to bet, Beli was used in the anime, but unless we find where it's just an hypothesis. Anything can be blown in any direction that the wind is blowing from. Free Shipping Worldwide Up to 80% Discount 3300+ Customer Reviews Safe Payments Accepted Money Back Guaranteed Not really speculation, but deduction. Not to mention it's only clear on the edited version. {{leviathan_89 | 16:34, 29 March, 2020 (UTC)}}. Let’s put, Berry Global Group, Inc . It doesn't look like one to me, but I cannot say it for sure. Not surprinsingly, my last comment was still not addressed fully. Not to mention your argument is nothing more than a basic assumption. leviathan_89 16:39, 12 January, 2013 (UTC), Yeah, I agree with Levi, we should try and find the other romanizations before we rename the page. Sewil 8:18, 3/1/13, Are you sure that's Oda's romanization and not the translation from the English volume?DancePowderer Talk 08:50, January 3, 2013 (UTC), I'm not sure. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Asking him certainly couldn't hurt. リ Is kana for "ri". The conclusion is this: the evidence is the general movement of the wind is to the left, and as the bills are flowing either into the can (to the right) or from the can (to the left), there's more evidence for the bills coming from the can than the contrary. And that's not a paint can. There is no evidence the bills came from the paint can. So since "being able to read it" is not something that can be proven for you and everybody but you can read it, get over it. JustSomeDude...  Talk | 01:56, February 18, 2013 (UTC), The image where "Belly" was shown is the one added in this same discussion, this one from chapter 95. I don't see what the problem is.DancePowderer Talk 22:36, February 18, 2013 (UTC), Technically the best solution would be to name it "Currency" or something along those lines. Never used by Oda himself. Anyway, unless Angel Emfrbl can show us a real "Beli", then "Beli" will have to go. Licensed as. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. After 22 years, Oda confirmed that only 80 per cent of the series has been completed so far. Stop trying to rush to change something to the official english translation and make sure you check everything. Well unless you want more speculation on the wiki. Besides, if he never spells it as "Beli", that technically makes this article fan-named. Primary color is Purple. The reason you think the BE exists is because you can see the LLY (only in the edited image). If they aren't flying due to the wind, why are they flying in the first place, in a place where every object vulnerable to the wind is moving with the wind? uknownada Talk 22:48, February 18, 2013 (UTC), It isn't visible at all. Obviously that isn't practical in this situation. We need to find out where "Berry" was used and if "Beli" was even used. And even if you have one, all the other objects that show any clear indication of direction are moving to the left (I've shown several in the first comment here). The point is that, no offense at all to you Klobis, Klobis isn't needed for this. Berry - symbol description, layout, design and history from Symbols.com Anime. Galaxy 9000   20:39, February 18, 2013 (UTC), What matters is that there may be another romanization somewhere else that you are overlooking. Beli telah ada unit pecahan. That's the lid of the can. uknownada Talk 01:37, February 19, 2013 (UTC). I will note though about the past discussion... We were still seeing the legacy of 4Kids and therefore there *may* had been some resentment towards use of certain words ("Navy" has always been one) because of it. I checked the picture in the chapter against the one in my copy of volume 11. There is no evidence at all that that's where the bills came from. It's the difference between the dark and bright colors. Karakter dari kiri adalah Yukichi Skull, karakter tengah adalah Ichiro Kumaguchi dan selanjutnya dari kanan adalah Hideo Usaguchi. Not to bring old wounds up but can this little thing "" be used to symbolize the monetary system for belli at least in the infoboxes since it seems like the problem of berry and what not seems to come up every once in a while. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. SeaTerror (talk) 03:44, February 19, 2013 (UTC), I can't tell if I'm supposed to take that comment seriously, so I'll just assume the discussion is closed. Otherwise all times where money bills were shown they had always plain numbers and/or faces. Long story short, "Beli" may have been chosen as a knee-jerk reaction to 4Kids... "Belly/Berry" I think it they went with??? JustSomeDude...  Talk | 18:41, February 19, 2013 (UTC), Because you are seeing what you WANT to see. This is like your Stairway to Heaven example, except reversed. We are completely lovestruck by this vibrant berry pink and white floral bikini. You can't even see what it says. Also yes it is. Maybe she can explain where Beli comes from. So, SeaTerror is claiming it is obvious the can there is for a paint whose color is "berry" and not for belly notes. One Piece Anime Logo - Cartoon Decal Vinyl Removable Decorative Sticker for Wall, Car, Ipad, Macbook, Laptop, Bike, Helmet, Small Appliances, Music Instruments, Motorcycle, Suitcase (white, 5.5") 4.8 out of 5 stars 13. leviathan_89 18:23, 12 January, 2013 (UTC), @Levi: oh, that's great then. SeaTerror (talk) 20:31, February 19, 2013 (UTC). Personally I like beli the best, but I'm not really picky so long as it isn't "belly".unsigned by User:STAREYe, Six years later, and this guy's request is now denied. S… JustSomeDude...  Talk | 16:54, January 12, 2013 (UTC), @DP: in the raw I got, it is unambiguously "Belly". It is not there. "Beri"(ベリー, "Beri"?) Contrast on a TV is something completely different. We can keep it like this just until a RAW version of the various coins and bills image can be acquired, or until somebody edits it with "Belly". JustSomeDude...  Talk | 20:06, February 18, 2013 (UTC), Exactly Uknownada, everybody except SeaTerror can read "Belly". Since it's the most recognized symbol for the money, it could at least solve the problem.Mugiwara Franky 17:36, 7 April 2008 (UTC), I'd say we go with the symbol until we've come up with something that can ultimatly be the SeaTerror (talk) 06:17, August 15, 2020 (UTC), He's also selling his paintings and there are belly slips in the air, so by that logic there is evidence that it's a money can. Letting her confidence shine bright like pink dynamite! I might have missed it, but can you clarify where it's at? Sea, we can read Belly on the original image, my version was made just for you. :) leviathan_89 18:00, 12 January, 2013 (UTC). leviathan_89 23:46, 3 January, 2013 (UTC), But which one did Oda actually romanize it as, if at all? JustSomeDude...  Talk | 03:02, February 19, 2013 (UTC), I changed the main image to the image that cannot be read image of Nami holding a bill. Tell us what is the source of the bills in that scenario, other than the can itself. Meskipun sangat mirip dengan tagihan dolar Amerika Serikat, nilai besar pada dicatatan atas yen Jepang. Topi Jerami menganggap diri mereka "kaya" setelah mendapatkan emas senilai 300,000,000. From shop twinzzshop. I removed it because it said the wiki was using it as evidence of "Berry" being an alternate romanization of the currency which is nothing but speculation since it wasn't shown in the actual manga like the bill. leviathan_89 23:37, 17 February, 2013 (UTC), We'll keep it at Beli. https://onepiece.fandom.com/id/wiki/Berry?oldid=18101. Also I think you need to look up in the dictionary the word "fact". Even I can see the "Belly" without Leviathan's high contrast image. You countered nothing since you clearly do not understand how strong winds work. Therefore I'd go with that myself. We can see everything, so obviously it's not "seeing what I want to see". Ticket taker at amusement parks don't normally flash their cash like that.DancePowderer Talk 00:38, May 4, 2012 (UTC), According to the translation/dub section, "The author has spelled it both as "Berry" and "Belly" on the actual bills." BUT I will not rule out all other spelling (Beli, Beri, Berry, Belly) because I had this discussion in the past about the spelling. @JSD: "My point is that there may be other sources for different spellings that we should look into since searching the manga has proved fruitless." 6. When Oda discussed the Doskoi Panda brand, he mentioned that the line was very expensive. What was more important in this case was the articles all linked to the right page. - my point is that unless you find other sources, "Belly" is the only one available. You can use sprays to create bold and creative floral arrangements. What is the speculation, a color named "berry" or a different romanization of belly being used by Usopp in a can where money is in? This conversation should be over. Collect Share Designed by. monodaily Berry Flower One Piece. Sewil 7:52, 3/1/13, But which romanization is his latest? Obviously I may have missed them and I didn't check special chapters/volumes or databooks, but that's how things are. Tell us that the function of a can with "berry" written in a street art sale is. Kaido King of the Beasts (talk) 20:36, August 14, 2020 (UTC), Other than the fact he's painting? }}, It addresses the small inconsistency from over 20 years ago and heads off any future squabbling about the canon spelling. It's not speculation to name it "Belly" because "Belly" is very much visible on the image. I agree with StoopidGuy's view. Look under the "10,000" in the bill. As far as I'm aware, portrait artists typically use paint tubes, which are seen in Usopp's briefcase. Anime Figures Action Figures Aztec Sweater Pirate Skull Gundam Model One Piece Anime Birthday Shirts Primary Colors Pirates. Such as Alabasta. Sebuah uang kertas seperti yang digambarkan di manga. Ok, we've renamed the page, which is fine at this point. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Rayleigh92 (talk • contribs). Since it's the most recognized symbol for the money, it could at least solve the problem.Mugiwara Franky 17:36, 7 April 2008 (UTC) I'd say we go with the symbol until we've come up with something that can ultimatly be the "correct" spelling of beli/beri/berry. SeaTerror (talk) 22:50, February 18, 2013 (UTC), I don't mind renaming the page "Currency" since it's not only about one currency, but we have still to write "beli" in some way in the page (and in the wiki), that's the issue. The romanization in that can is trivia worthy, you could've changed it so that it wasn't seen as a clear romanization of the word belly, but as an instance where "berry" was associated with money; instead of removing it on the grounds of some "berry" color.StoopidGuy (talk) 18:54, August 13, 2020 (UTC). It means the image is edited and cannot be relied on. Discussion is closed when the subject matter is resolved. Nice speculation with no actual evidence. Eiichirō Oda montre pour la première fois l'apparence des billets et des pièces utilisés dans le SBS Tome 53. SeaTerror (talk) 00:47, February 19, 2013 (UTC), "And as Nada says, it can be seen in the unaltered image anyways." On the edited version that is. Maybe it's just you. Oh, the irony. Since Leviathan_89 uploaded it, we'd need his answer. You also fail to see that your argument is not based on any clue on the cover itself, you needed to talk about unrelated events like strong winds in real life - even though I showed how everything was going to the left and you did not even try to disprove that (also because it's impossible). uknownada Talk 23:55, February 17, 2013 (UTC), The only image says Beri and not Belly. SeaTerror (talk) 16:52, January 10, 2013 (UTC), I believe so, but we have to found the reference. You can also see a wooden case getting blown too. Think of it as a a subliminal message where if somebody tells you something and you believe it only because you were influenced by that person into thinking it is there. uknownada Talk 00:42, February 19, 2013 (UTC), You're making it up about the unedited version. Sampai sekarang, dua mata uang seperti yang disebutkan: Mata uang seperti yang digambarkan dalam spesial Boss Luffy, perhatikan dalam hal tertentu uang itu ternyata palsu. Drunk Samurai 20:41, 21 August 2008 (UTC), I say we change it to Beli then. StoopidGuy (talk) 07:46, August 16, 2020 (UTC), The "evidence" you posted by flat out stating they came from the paint can you mean? ", Evidence for it being a can from whatever origin being used as a tip-jar - "he's selling the paintings, belly bills are flying from it and there's another source for the paint he is using. atau biasa di sebut juga Belly, yang diwakili oleh tanda adalah unit mata uang moneter di Dunia One Piece. You have also shown inability to respond to my questions and requests. Are you trying to disprove the existence of the wind in the first place, SeaTerror? YolkaEd 18:19, 7 April 2008 (UTC) The image cannot be used as a fact. (Luckily, it shouldn't appear a lot on the wiki, since Mugiwara Franky introduced the symbol for that very reason.) It's based on evidence. leviathan_89 22:13, 18 February, 2013 (UTC), We have more than enough evidence that it's belly from images that weren't compromised. That's how wind works. Free Download. @SeaTerror: I don't understand why are you coming out now saying it's not written "Belly" on the image we posted... we were already saying that one month ago and you didn't complain. Well, through all this discussion you just said that you wasn't able to read it and just denied everybody's else points without saying more. Public Domain. The obvious conclusion here is that the "berry" can is there for money and that the paint on the palette comes from the paint tubes. Therefore, the origin of the notes is at least at the level of the can. Also, the text you erased exposed the possibility of that not being a romanization intended to be seen as correct anyway. uknownada Talk 20:23, February 18, 2013 (UTC), No it isn't. Get up to 50% off. Usopp is painting. But the point that even you, ST, can read at least "...lly" which exclude without doubts Berry, Beri, Belli and Beli. uknownada Talk 20:14, February 19, 2013 (UTC), Or don't. It did not alter the image in a way that could change how the image looks, only highlight the difference between the background colors and the word. It's not speculation, it's a simple fact. Use the high contrast image and a pair of glasses to help you see. SeaTerror (talk) 04:08, February 19, 2013 (UTC), I've been saying either one is actually speculation. 2006. You clearly do not understand what wind is. It's a money-collection tin can, not a paint can. Because the rug below Usopp is getting carried to the left (see on the right). In fact, counting you and me, Galaxy, that makes 5. Perhaps we should have a vote on what to use? You even acknowledge that the last 3 letters are visible, so if anything is speculative, it isn't "Belly". Not to be confused with the currency Belly. Pastel Logo One-Piece (TM: 粉彩字母洋裝 Fěn Cǎi Zì Mǔ Yáng Zhuāng/JP: パステルロゴワンピ Pastel Logo One Pi) is one of Dress Up Cards that were introduced in 2004 Fall-Winter Collection/Version 1.It was eventually taken out of the main roster from 2005 Winter Collection/Version 5 onwards. Homophones: bury, Barry (in accents with the Mary–marry–merry merger) However, I wouldn't dare to make that claim without analysing the actual cover. Its the correct name after all. I can't find an example with high enough quality to read. SeaTerror (talk) 18:37, February 19, 2013 (UTC), It's not speculation if you can read it. It doesn't matter what anybody says because it does not exist which is an 100% absolutely gauranteed fact. 코디북은 다양한 쇼핑몰 상품을 한 자리에서 쉽게 구매 할 수 있도록 돕는 "중개 서비스"입니다. Don't we always go by the latest spelling he makes? Hal ini hampir secara eksklusif digambarkan dalam bentuk kertas meskipun koin memang ada. Dalam spesial Boss Luffy, mata uang Rio-beli digunakan. Meskipun sangat mirip dengan tagihan dolar Amerika Serikat, nilai besar pada dicatatan atas yen Jepang. The only thing you can see in either image is a dark smudge. You cannot zoom in on something and "enhance" it like that. Drunk Samurai 17:53, 24 August 2008 (UTC), Should we merge this article and Extol into one article entitled "Money" or "Currencies", like in the German wiki? Since the Straw Hats have gotten 200,000,000 and 300,000,000 in two different cases, its slowly becoming a fan problem with judging the amounts overall gross value. The one in chapter 141, is in the first page where Hiluluk is counting his money, but that was just a doubt of mine (I though it was possible to see an "I", but not the whole word anyway), it doesn't looks like any word is present on the bill... ", cute strawberry one piece, fun and unique baby shower gift, baby bodysuit, baby gift, berry baby twinzzshop. Looking at the smudge, I'd read the word as "Belly" myself and the pronunciation in Japanese is a "be" sound. leviathan_89 00:22, 4 May, 2012 (UTC), I don't think so. It is speculation to use something like that as a "fact". Only the last 3 letters are even visible. Also, Leviathan, I couldn't find any Bellies on chapter 141. Now, with that silly argument out of the way and with a majority favoring the inclusion of a note, I propose adding this version: **The romanizaton "Berry" does appear in a cover illustration; however, it is part of the non-canon [[Cover Page#Animal Theater|Animal Theater cover series]]. Good day, gentlemen. You literally cannot see anything but are seeing what you want to see due to the LLY. SeaTerror (talk) 09:36, August 13, 2020 (UTC). But it's also in the category "scanlation images allowed", so it might not be raw. They look more like coupons if anything. Directly to the right of the can, we see a box with actual paint tubes. SeaTerror (talk) 19:50, February 18, 2013 (UTC), Most of us can see the "Belly". I'm late but I'll quickly explain what I explained on the chat. You have to admit that Beli cannot possibly be right, you cannot just say "I cannot read the first two letters so let's forget about it". And the B is actually more clearly identified as the symbol. If he never romanized it, then I guess the name of the article is okay. It is never Belly. The raw uses kanji both for names and the word beli. Dragonus Nesha (talk) 13:47, August 15, 2020 (UTC), The official English alternate spelling. That is how wind works. Using "Currency" would only work if we used the symbol image through out the wiki on everything. At least, the "E" is. D'autres monnaies existent telles l' Exstol (îles célestes) et le Gor (Amazon Lily). Galaxy 9000   21:19, February 18, 2013 (UTC), The official English version, at least in the FUNimation dub, is "Berry".

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